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With 16 years of experience, HibiMarkets has become one of the most
reputable brokers in the industry, offering to traders CFDs
across Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

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  • The Forex market provides traders the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week in the world’s most liquid financial market. Traders can take advantage of some of the tightest spreads, superior execution, and deep liquidity across 100 currency pairs.

    Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
    AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUD 100,000
    AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc AUD 100,000
    AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs Japanise Yen AUD 100,000
    AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUD 100,000
    AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar AUD 100,000
    EURAUD Euro vs Australian Dollar EUR 100,000
    EURCAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar EUR 100,000
    EURCHF Euro vs Swiss Franc EUR 100,000
    EURGBP Euro vs Great Britain Pound EUR 100,000
    EURJPY Euro vs Japanese Yen EUR 100,000
    EURNZD Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EUR 100,000
    EURTRY Euro vs Turkish Lira EUR 100,000
    EURUSD Euro vs US Dollar EUR 100,000
    EURZAR Euro vs South African Rand EUR 100,000
    GBPAUD Great Britan Pound vs Australian Dollar GBP 100,000
    GBPCAD Great Britan Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBP 100,000
    GBPCHF Great Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc GBP 100,000
    GBPJPY Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen GBP 100,000
    GBPNZD Great Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBP 100,000
    GBPUSD Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar GBP 100,000
    NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanise Yen NZD 100,000
    NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar NZD 100,000
    USDCAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar USD 100,000
    USDCHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc USD 100,000
    USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen USD 100,000
    USDMXN US Dollar vs Mexican Pesos USD 100,000
    USDTRY US Dollar vs Turkish Lira USD 100,000
    USDZAR US Dollar vs South Africa Rand USD 100,000

    Trade energies, agriculture and precious metals products like a currency pair against the USD or as a Futures CFD. We’ve combined tight pricing and flexible lot sizes to give you one powerful product.

    Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
    Cotton Cotton USD 1000
    Cocoa Cocoa USD 100
    Wheat Wheat USD 1000
    Corn Corn USD 1000
    Coffee Coffee USD 1000
    Rice Rice USD 10000
    Sugar Sugar USD 10000
    Gold Gold vs US Dollar USD 100
    Silver Silver vs US Dollar USD 1000
    Brent UK Oil USD 1000
    WTI US Oil USD 1000
    NGAS Natural Gas USD 1000

    Access over 100 large-cap Shares CFDs across the ASX, NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. We’ve selected a range of the world’s most popular companies to give you the best trading opportunities.

    Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
    Adidas Adidas Salomon EUR 100
    Airbus Airbus Group EUR 100
    Alibaba Alibaba USD 100
    Amazon Amazon USD 100
    Apple Apple USD 100
    ATT AT and T USD 100
    AXP American Express USD 100
    Baidu Baidu USD 100
    BayerAG Bayer AG EUR 100
    BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke AG EUR 100
    Boeing Boeing USD 100
    Boss Hugo Boss EUR 100
    CAT Caterpillar USD 100
    Chevron Chevron USD 100
    CocaCola Coca Cola USD 100
    Daimler Daimler EUR 100
    Disney Disney USD 100
    Facebook Facebook USD 100
    Fedex Fedex USD 100
    Ferrari Ferrari USD 100
    Google Google USD 100
    GS Goldman Sachs Group USD 100
    Heineken Heineken EUR 100
    Honda Honda Motor Company JPY 100
    IBM IBM USD 100
    JNJ Johnson Johnson USD 100
    JPMorgan JPMorgan USD 100
    LMT Lockheed Martin USD 100
    LouisV LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton EUR 100
    MA Master Card USD 100
    MCD Mc Donalds USD 100
    MMM 3M Company USD 100
    Netflix Netflix USD 100
    Nvidia NVIDIA Corporation USD 100
    Pepsico Pepsico USD 100
    PM Philip Morris International USD 100
    Sanofi Sanofi EUR 100
    Siemens Siemens USD 100
    Sony Sony Corp Japan JPY 100
    Spotify Spotify Technology USD 100
    Tesla./td> Tesla USD 100
    Total Total EUR 100
    Toyota Toyota Motor Corp JPY 100
    Verizon Verizon Communications USD 100
    Visa Visa USD 100
    VOW Volkswagen EUR 100
    XOM Exxon Mobil USD 100

    Gain exposure to the world’s largest equity markets through HibiMarkets offering of global Indices CFDs. With low spreads on 16 Indices, traders can take a wider view of equities markets whilst enjoying commission free and 24/5 trading across major markets.

    Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
    US30 Dow Jones Industrial Average USD 1
    US500 S and P 500 USD 10
    USTEC Nasdaq 100 USD 10

    Go long or short across our range of the world’s largest and most popular Cryptocurrencies. Trade against other retail traders 24/5 where price movements are driven primarily by fear and greed, news and prevailing sentiment.

    Instrument Description Base Currency Size of 1 Lot
    BTCUSD Bitcoin vs US Dollar USD 100,000
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