Make profit from rising market

Make profit from rising market


When the price of a product rises, we can make a profit through continuous buying transactions.

Observe the key points of the price chart of the rising market, there are many opportunities to buy:
1. When the decline has not broken the previous low
2. When the price breaks through the previous high

What is the rising market? Since the long force of buying is stronger than the short force of selling, the price of the product continues to rise. Good news in the market continues. Judging from the performance of the price chart, the price continues to rise and break through the previous highs, and the moving average indicator shows an upward bullish change. This kind of market is what we call the rising market.

How to make profit from the rising market?
First of all, we need to look for the previous highs and pay attention to whether the price increases and breaks through the previous lows during the rise.

The price position of the previous high point is the critical position for growth. The price breaks through the previous high point, and the market growth continues.

Then, keep in mind the principles of rising market trading Create a long position after breaking through the key upside resistance.